About Us…

Augustine-Schwartz Kitchen & Bath Works, (ASKB), combines the expertise of a professional architect and a custom home builder to provide complete design and construction services on projects of all sizes.

ASKB was founded by two award-winning professionals that share a passion for good design and exquisite construction.  The collaboration of their skills, dedication and expertise has led to the completion of numerous residential projects.  It was through the successful collaborative efforts of jfa architecture and J. Schwartz Construction that Augustine-Schwartz Kitchen & Bath Works was created.

Many of the projects designed by jfa architecture and built by J. Schwartz Construction typically involve kitchen and bathrooms as a component of the project.  Whether it is a renovation, expansion or new construction, the design of the kitchen and bathrooms are carefully integrated into the character of the home.

The intrinsic benefit of having the architect as the kitchen designer provides a consistent design aesthetic through all elements of the project.  The importance of layout, circulation, materials and lighting are all equally addressed during the design of the project.

JFA Architecture

J Schwartz Construction