What People are saying…


  We had lived in our house for 7 years when we began to wonder if this was the house we wanted to stay in forever.  We started to consider if we should move  or, could we stay in the house we loved, on a great street, where our kids are happy  and just improve what we already had going for us.  We looked at many, many houses for sale, nothing was quite right.  Then we met with the architect and the builder and finally  we had a plan we loved and one that would make this house our forever home.  Our dining room, laundry and mudroom addition are fantastic and it seems like it has always been part of this house.  Now that construction is over, the dust is cleared and this new home becomes our home  we love what we see and are very happy we decided to stay.
-Julie & Mark D., Rydal, PA


  “Our kitchen addition updated the functionality and space of our house.  We traded our under-utilized side porch for an expanded kitchen that fits our lifestyle of hospitality.  We love the functionality of the kitchen, but we believe that the success of the project lies in its details.  The project team worked hard to match the integrity and style of our home.  The unification of the kitchen space between the old kitchen and the porch was facilitated by the inset structural beam.  The back door brackets were  meticulously sculpted in the style of the original porch brackets.  The trim and doors are consistent with the original.  And a bookshelf was created in the decommissioned doorway which included the preservation and backlighting of the stained glass in the transom.  In addition to appreciating the care and attention that is evident in the design  and construction, we enjoyed working with this team.”
-Nancy & Lawrence B., Glenside, PA